Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogging Is Fun!


Just. Wow.

At the start of this assignment, I posted a status to my friends on Facebook asking for blog-host recommendations. BlogSpot/ was recommended by 2 people, WordPress by another. I chose WordPress because they offer an "app" for my phone, allowing me to blog at work (I often think about writing during slow periods at work). A friend who had recommended BlogSpot also told me that WordPress' customization options were nothing near what BlogSpot was, and I would be able to make a better "home" there. I hadn't had too much trouble setting up my blog there (although I admit it was a bit tricky and did require a few hours of my time) so I just dismissed it.

Truth be told, the name for this blog was one I had registered here at BlogSpot/Blogger.Com over almost 3 years ago. I had only just begun dating my husband then, and I wanted to start writing again. This was the home I created for myself to do that...but then never followed through. For this assignment, I knew we had to create a new blog, and I worried that the creation date would affect my grade. I stuck with WordPress for these reasons until my professor posted a comment on my WordPress blog regarding my progress. I thought a minute about the value of being able to follow her blog, and another classmate's blog who also chose Blogger.Com, and decided that, as I have already submitted a brand-new blog for the assignment, there can't be any harm in copying the content over here. I deleted all previous information from this blog (which there really wasn't much of) and carefully copied all of my other posts, making sure to reformat them, label them, and date/time them correctly (to keep the right chronology). When I was done, I thought I would have some fun setting up a new layout.

Wow. Fun was right.

I just spent about an hour messing with different settings and finding great templates and background suggestions. My friend wasn't exaggerating, this interface is both user-friendly and highly customizable. I built an entire layout before I realized I could add a type-face with a Halloween theme. LOVE IT! I am even more excited to change next month for Thanksgiving, and then especially for Christmas (my favorite time of year). WordPress' options are nothing like these, and don't really allow for those kinds of on-the-fly adjustments. I am really happy with what I have seen thus far, and I have decided after the assignment is over that I will move my blog here full-time. The ability to follow my classmates and professors is what drew me here, but it is the services provided for my own blog that are keeping me. I'm sorry I ever went anywhere else.

Naturally, I will not be cross-posting this to the WordPress version. Guess that makes this a Blogger.Com exclusive!

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