Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Cleaning


I have no idea why I wanted to say that, but it's been said, so there you have it. I've had the last 3 days off, and got nothing done :o(. I still have a rough draft due tomorrow that will be VERY rough because of my lack of attention to it. My desk is a mess and nowhere near ready for NaNoWriMo, which is now less than 3 days away. We haven't decorated for the Halloween Party we're having Sunday, and I didn't get any studying or writing done for my Anthropology classes, both of which have tests next week. Three days and I did basically nothing! Ugh!

I really hate being non-productive. I should have gone to bed 2 hours ago but I've been working on getting this blog moved over to my gmail name, so I didn't have to keep signing in and out all the time. Also, I did get my housing and school applications into San Francisco State University. I need to apply to California State University East Bay as well, but that's not a priority, since it isn't my first choice. I lost my phone, which will cost 130 dollars to replace. That is a real heartbreak, not because I am attached to objects, but because I don't have 130 dollars to spare! Ugh!

Getting this blog moved over and re-setting everything up was a pain but for some reason felt really pressing just an hour ago. I mean, I'm glad I did it, but it's really not making me feel better about the lack of progress I made this week. Perhaps I should stop blogging and get some real work done?

Or at least go to sleep, sheesh, it's late!

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